Enjoy more face time with your baby

Introducing Caring Eye Camera

CaringEye is the only smart car seat camera that combines a superior baby monitoring experience and safety functionality, giving parents peace of mind

Unique 3-in-1 functionality

Car Seat Camera

No more dim and shaky car seat mirrors that take your eyes off the road. Watch a live, bright and Full HD video feed of your baby on any smartphone placed in front of you on the dashboard.

Safety Monitor

CaringEye uses combination of Machine Vision, sensors and proprietary algorithms to alert you via smartphone or phone call whenever your child might be in danger of suffocation or was left unattended.

Travel Baby Monitor

Going to your parents for the weekend but don't want to take stationary baby monitor with you? Just take CaringEye from the car and you are good to go. Installation takes only few seconds.

Car Seat Camera

Enjoy more face time with your baby

Full HD (1080p / 720p)

Lightning fast real-time video stream with no delays. CaringEye’s powerful processor captures and analyzes video on the fly.


CaringEye creates a private secure WiFi network means that the video stream will not be accessible through the internet.

Night Vision

Unlike car seat mirrors that are useless early in the morning or at night with CaringEye you will enjoy the high quality image any time of day.

No professional installation required

Just take CaringEye Camera out of the box and attach to the headrest of the car seat with adjustable straps. It wont take you more than 3 minutes.

Technical Specifications

Safety Monitor

You are your baby’s guardian angel. But even angels could use some help,
especially when driving alone.

Fewer distractions

Distractions caused by attention switching are the leading cause of traffic accidents. Looking at the baby through the car seat mirror takes up to 5 times more time than glancing at the smartphone on the dashboard.

Don’t leave SIDS to chance

CaringEye uses on-device Machine Vision processing to analyze the video feed to make sure that the baby’s mouth and nose are not obstructed.

Prevent heatstroke

CaringEye uses a combination of sensors to identify situations when the baby was left in the car unattended. It will alert you, designated emergency contacts and, if necessary, EMS, providing accurate coordinates of where the car with the baby inside is located.

Portable Monitor

Ideal travel companion

Staying in a hotel or cottage with no onsite wireless router?

Not a problem! Unlike some other baby monitors, CaringEye creates its own secure WiFi network for your phone to connect to.

Concerned about privacy and security?

Most of WiFi baby monitors rely on your home wireless internet router to operate, making them vulnerable to hackerBecause CaringEye creates its own WiFi network not connected to the Internet, hacking CaringEye is virtually impossible.

Like to be in control?

Set a preferred temperature range to receive alerts when the temperature inside the baby’s room becomes to high or too low. Select between continuous or sound-activated monitoring mode.

Easy to use

Works with any micro USB charger. Easily attach to the side of the crib or any other smooth surface in the room.

Our Promise To You

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

We are 100% confident that you will fall in love with CaringEye but just in case, you have 90 days to change you mind

24 months warranty

We put a lot of time and effort into making CaringEye as durable as possible but even the best electronics sometimes break. We stand by CaringEye’s quality and will send you the replacement right away.

Lifetime access to software updates

We are constantly working on new features and upgrades to make your camera even better. Just plug it into the internet modem at home to download the latest update.

Free shipping and returns

Can’t wait to get your CaringEye up and running? We will ship it to you with Express mail.

Friendly tech support

Don’t hesitate to call or email us, we are here to help you get the best experience possible. Have a comment or concern? Don’t hold back, we want to hear it.

Take it for a ride

CaringEye Camera

The world's first infant car seat camera and safety monitor
Limited to 1 camera per customer
What's in the box
  • CaringEye camera
  • Magnetic mount for the car
  • Magnetic mount for use at home
  • Micro-USB charging cable with 1A cigarette lighter power plug
  • DC charger for home use
  • Ethernet cable (for software upgrades)
  • Owners manual
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