Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does the safety feature work?

CaringEye executes emergency protocol by sending the alert to the phone that was most recently connected to it, followed by phone calls to the emergency contact numbers that you have programmed and, as a last resort, will call the Emergency Medical Service to ask for assistance. During the call, CaringEye will identify the type of emergency and location of the car.

How reliable is the safety system?

We have put a lot of effort into making CaringEye the most reliable product on the market but every technology has its limitations. CaringEye will do its best to alert you whenever it detects potentially dangerous situations but ultimately, the responsibility to check on your child rests with you. CaringEye can only assist you.

Can I use the CaringEye and use Google Maps at the same time?

Yes, you can. Generally, when CaringEye app is active, on-screen navigation instructions will be displayed in an abbreviated format and voice instructions won’t be affected at all.

Can I use CaringEye for front-facing car seats?

Yes, you can. Simply attach it to the headrest of the seat in front of the child.

Is it safe to drive with the live video always on?

CaringEye is safe to use as long as you exercise caution. Use it the same way you use you in-car navigation system, just glance at the screen once in a while. However, if you find the temptation to look at the baby too hard to resist, simply switch to a mode where the display gets turned off while the car is moving and goes back up once it comes to a full stop. Don’t worry, the system will turn the screen on to display any alerts.

What if nobody can respond to the alarm call?

If the recipient of the call is able to get to the baby quickly, he/she needs to press *9 on the phone to acknowledge it. Otherwise, CaringEye will attempt to call the next number on the emergency contacts list.

Do I need to buy a new SIM card for the camera?

Yes, If you would like to enjoy the full safety functionality of the camera. To make calls and send texts to the emergency contacts, the system needs to have a valid SIM card installed. Calls to EMS do not require a SIM card.

How much data does the camera use?

CaringEye does not use any data during normal use. The only time it will require access to the internet is when you update the firmware by connecting the camera to your Internet model with the Ethernet cable.

How long does the battery last?

The internal battery will last for at least 24 hours, but the in-car safety functionality requires it to be connected to the power source at all times to monitor the ignition state of the car.

How can I test that the safety function is working properly?

The camera runs a self-diagnostic procedure at every start-up. It will let you know that something is not working properly by way of on-camera LED and once you connect it to your phone.

Can I use more than one camera in the same car?

Yes, you can. One of the cameras will need to be switched to “host” mode.The camera has two modes of displaying video feeds, a split screen and toggle, where it switches from one camera to the other.

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